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Mr. Jones is an attorney with the Atlanta,Georgia law firm of Jones & Haley,P.C. Mr. Jones concentrates his practice on securities law matters,such as public offerings,IPO's,private placements,SEC compliance,broker/dealer and investment adviser regulation and hedge funds. For further information go to

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Welcome to the Securities Law Blog

Welcome to the Securities Law Blog.  The purpose of this blog is to provide useful information to the securities industry,the business community and the public in general about securities law matters.  I hope to provide information that is useful to private companies,public companies,regulated entities,–such as investment advisers,and broker-dealers—as well as to those who are not immersed in securities issues,but who are interested in raising money for their business.  I will discuss matters such as private placements,public offerings,IPOs,venture capital,hedge funds,investment adviser issues,broker dealer issues,and compliance requirements faced by public companies.  As a prior SEC staffer with over 30 years in the private practice of law,I hope that I can use my experience to provide answers that can be useful in your day-to-day business,when you are planning to offer or sell securities in a private placement or a public offering,if you are establishing a hedge fund or if you are dealing with the more difficult issues that public companies face.  Likewise,I hope to provide basic and useful information to those who are not in the securities business,but who operate businesses that are impacted by the securities laws.  In light of the penalties imposed on those who violate the securities laws,it is very important to properly plan your actions and to have a thorough understanding of the securities law before embarking on transactions of this nature.

For over 30 years my practice has focused on securities laws and I hope I can use my experience to provide practical and helpful information to entrepreneurs,business owners,those in the securities industry,public companies,and regulated entities.  I also hope that my blog posts prompt some lively discussions and that these issues are debated and examined.

I look forward to the challenge,and I look forward to hearing from you.  If you have input,please leave a comment or if you would like to contact me directly,you may do so by email by using the email widget located on the left hand sidebar.

Richard W. Jones is an attorney with the Atlanta,Georgia law firm of Jones &Haley,P.C.,and he has over 30 years experience representing clients in securities law matters.  See our website at

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